Obe Digital Dog Wellness System

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Give your pet optimal health and the quality of life they deserve with Obe Digital Dog Wellness. 

  • Unlike a dispenser feeder with Obe, mealtime remains a time to connect and bond with your pet.
  • Obe ProBowl connects with 2.4GHz WiFi, iOS 9.3 and higher. iOS Only, Android coming soon.
  • NO CORDS or PLUGS: 4AA batteries included.
Obe Digital Dog Wellness features:
  • Smart technology pinpoints your dog’s eating and drinking habits

  • Wifi app allows you to easily check in or share data

  • Spot potential issues as soon as they arise

  • Keep your dog healthier and save on meds and vets

  • Automatically reorder pet food and deliver at just the right time

  • Made of FDA approved, food grade, non BPA plastic