Obe ProBowl for Dogs



ProBowl has a size that's just right for your dog

  • Gets rid of the confusion about whether they've been fed. No more accidental Double Dinners for Sparky.
  • Makes it easy to feed your pet the right amount every time. As you place the food in the bowl ProBowl weighs it. The smart base glows green when it's the right serving size- tailored just for your doggy.
  • Tracks whether your dog is eating or drinking normally. Alerts you if there is something out of the ordinary compared to baseline. You can share the data with your vet.
  • Automatically reorders your pet food and has Amazon deliver it to your doorstep. We know what package size you ordered and how much you've fed them. We reorder at the right time so you won't run out- and you won't have too much.

     Small: for small dogs 15 to 35 pounds.  

    Medium : for dogs between 35-60 pounds.

    Large Size Obe ProBowl for DogsLarge ProBowl Smart Bowl for Dogs over 60 pounds.

    Toy dog bowlToy size for tiny dogs under 20 pounds. Also designed for small dogs with flat noses like Bulldogs