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Founded in love.

Based on science.

Made for your dog.

Obe's here to make it easier to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Obe ProBowl

Smarter Petcare

Combines a precision scale that connects to the ProBowl App via WiFi, with a dishwasher and microwave safe bowl made of FDA approved- food safe, BPA free plastic.

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  • Screen one of ProBowl app

ProBowl App

Real-time data to give your vet.

Tracks your pet's eating and drinking habits so you can share them at your next checkup.

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Smart Subscriptions

Never run out of food again

By partnering with Amazon Dash Replenishment and our Smart Subscriptions ensure your pet is never without food.

Carefully designed for you and your pet

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Smart Subscriptions

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"Say When" Technology

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Did you feed them?

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Share with your vet

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Fur baby safe

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Feature packed to make your life easy

Obe ProBowl

Smart bowl with auto-replenishment.

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