Obe's Smart Cat Bowl

New ProBowl Designed Specifically for Cats

Obe Cat ProBowl Smart Bowl for Cats 

Anyone who has a cat knows they are particular about a lot of things.  Obe's product development team worked with Dr. Ernie Ward and Dr. Anna Beber to design a cat bowl that will improve a cat's eating and drinking enjoyment.  Key design elements include:

  • Whisker friendly: shallow bowl that is wide enough so whiskers don't hit the sides when they eat or drink. 
  • Low profile to address a cat's instinctual need to have their view of their surroundings clear (to avoid sneak attacks of course)
  • Smart scale that weighs and reports on everything your cat eats during the day- they can graze but you will still know how much they ate and when and get feedback on those habits
  • Sensor that tracks everything your cat drinks and compares it to other cats. We'll give you advice too about how you might increase their water intake if needed.
  • Great looking design that looks like it belongs in your house, not your garage

Obe Cat Bowl

Obe Smart Base and Cat Bowl

Say When Light for Cat Bowl Low Profile


Obe ProBowl for Cats White Glow

Obe Dog Bowl next to Obe Cat Bowl