Getting Started with Obe ProBowl and app

Getting Started


Getting to know ProBowl


Dishwasher safe, BPA free bowl.

Smart Base

The base is ProBowl’s ‘brain.’ It connects to Wi-Fi, weighs everything set on top of it, talks to the cloud and your phone.

Copper Top: screws off counter clockwise to reveal battery compartment and Wi-Fi window. The base may be wiped clean but can’t be submerged in water or put in the dishwasher.

Light Ring

The color of the light ring indicates what ProBowl is doing. When it is not lit up, it may be asleep. You can wake it up by pressing the button once.


Action Button

You can use this button to zero the scale, check whether it’s feeding time or not. Red he’s been fed. Green go ahead. There is no On or Off button for ProBowl. If you want to turn it off, just remove the batteries.



Let's get set up!

Download the free ProBowl App to your phone 

Download on th

The app helps you get the most from your ProBowl. It’s where you see real-time status of your pet’s food or water bowl (or both) see the trends in your dog’s eating or drinking habits, set meal schedules, set-up auto delivery with Amazon and get smart alerts and reminders.

  • Add your dog’s pawfile
  • Enter the details of your home Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password. Please note that capitalization and spacing should match exactly what you see when you detect the network.
  • Twist the copper colored cover counter clockwise to remove from the smart base.
  • The battery holder and Wi-Fi window will now be visible. Unwrap the batteries but do not insert into the smart base until instructed.



  1. Connect Smart Base to Wi-Fi


  • Check the Wi-Fi Name and Password is entered correctly. Press Next on the app.
  • Place the 4AA batteries into the smart base battery compartment.
  • Click the connect button on your phone then place your phone face-down over the small opening right next to the battery compartment the Wi-Fi window. (You’ll see a blinking light next to the Wi-Fi window when you insert the batteries).


Arrow is pointing to Wi-Fi window



ProBowl connects with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz. It will not connect to Wi-Fi if you choose the 5GHz band of your network.


Unfortunately, you must use an iPhone to connect to Wi-Fi, and not an Ipad. Ipad’s do not allow the device to connect. This will be addressed in future versions.



If your ProBowl doesn’t connect to your home Wi-Fi network on the first try, remove your batteries and start over by re-entering your Wi-Fi network details.



  1. Add your dog’s food brand and meal times


The ProBowl app will help you complete your setup, guiding you through entering your dog’s food, meal times and adding a water bowl if you have one.


4.  Assemble the ProBowl- you are good to go!

Fit the copper colored cover back on the smart base so that the pegs fit into the grooves on the side of the base. Twist clockwise to secure. Place bowl on top of smart base.


At any time, if you are stuck, email us at or call us at 415-634-7623 and we will get back to you asap. We want to help if we can. J

Quick Overview


  • 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz
  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ running iOS 8 or later
  • Wi-Fi, an iPhone, and an Obe account are required for setup, wireless mobile notifications, and software updates.


Using your ProBowl

Once you have connected the smart base to Wi-Fi, place the bowl on the base. Now that the bowl is on top of the base, please zero out the smart base’s internal scale (set the tare weight including the bowl).  Do this by pressing the action button until the smart base light glows white. Release the button. ProBowl will blink white twice to let you know everything has been set.


During mealtimes ProBowl will flash green 3 times to remind anyone nearby that it’s time to feed your dog.  As you add food into the bowl, the smart base weighs what is being put into it. When the right amount of food is in the bowl, the base glows green for a few seconds to let you know the serving size is right for your dog.


You can check to see if your dog has been fed by pushing the action button. If a red light appears it means don’t feed your dog - either it’s not time yet or they’ve already been fed. If a flashing green light appears it means it’s chow time!


Recommended Placement

Place your ProBowl on a flat surface anywhere in your home that has Wi-Fi access. We do not recommend using your ProBowl outdoors.



Cleaning your ProBowl

It is important to note that only the bowl is dishwasher safe. The smart base can be wiped clean with a warm damp towel but should never be submerged in water.



If you run into problems using your ProBowl, contact us at or call 415-634-7OBE


Limited Warranty

For more information:

https: www.Obedog/Betawarranty

Safety and Recycling

Intended Usage

ProBowl Pioneer was designed to be used by persons 8 years of age or older, assuming they have read and properly understood the instructions contained in this User’s Guide. ProBowl is suitable for all dogs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

ProBowl Pioneer is not a toy and must be treated as an appliance at all times, especially when cleaning or conducting maintenance.

Disposal and Recycling

Please contact Obe so that we may send you a return mailing label and have the device mailed back to us. Thanks.