How keeping my dog healthy and happy drove me to found the company, Obe

Okay, so backtrack.

I LOVE dogs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs. Something you can probably understand. Seriously, there's no one happier to see you walk in the front door than your best friend...

Anyway, since I especially loved my caring, energetic dog DJ everyone around me made it a point to get on his good side. Long story short, when I first adopted DJ, I was single. And when I finally settled down the hubby tried to bond with DJ...

And everyone knows the easiest way to bond with a dog right?

First let me say, DJ was 9 and was starting to get a bit sluggish. He started to gain some weight, and I just didn't understand...

I had been feeding and walking DJ on the same schedule since I first adopted him. So what happened?

When I first adopted DJ, I was single. Well I soon found out my boyfriend Ryan (now husband), to get on his good side was feeding him throughout the day. Other times I was feeding him because well... DJ was sly.

He'd always act like he wasn't fed for dinner, but I later found out Ryan fed him only a few hours earlier. So I had to find a way to make sure we always fed him the right amount at the right times so DJ could remain healthy, lose 10 pounds and avoid arthritis.

Then came an idea, and once a simple idea transformed into Obe. Finally an opportunity to take control of our dogs health and guarantee they're fed the right amount each and every day without taking away the connection of feeding your dog.

DJ the motivation behind Obe

In loving memory of Dog Jensen aka DJ who made the most of his 11 years on this earth. xxoo Hilary