How Speedy Dog got her speed back: a weight loss success story

When I posted a picture of Speedy dog sitting on our couch with her stormtrooper mask on May the 4th, I remembered that when I first adopted her, Speedy couldn't walk a half block, up a stair and could definitely not jump up on a couch.

She weighed 97 pounds. She looked like this:

Over the next 6 months, my husband and I helped Speedy lose 30 pounds. 

This little mutt fantastic had so much to teach me about character, tenacity and sheer will to live an active lifestyle. And especially about how "loving" a dog with food can cause the opposite effect her first parent wanted: unhappiness. 

Speedy lived to 15. She stayed at 67 pounds but not without a bit of work and supervision. She was especially fond of Oreo cookies - if they were left within reach- they were gone in 2 seconds flat. Who could get mad at this old lady? We just laughed and loved that she had earned her name back: Speedy.  These pictures show her transformation. 

My original post and the several that followed are below.  We were lucky to have Miss Speedy in our lives. In dogs we trust, Hilary


A dog carrying a piano on her back (Original post in 2015)

Meet Speedy. When I took her in about 2 months ago, she carried the weight of a piano on her back- 97 pounds, more than twice the weight her medium frame should carry. Her paws splayed out like starfish, spreading wide to carry her heavy load.  I am happy to share that my husband and I have gotten her weight down to a healthier 77 pounds, but she has at least another 20 pounds to go before she isn't hobbled by her weight.

The changes we have seen in her personality and energy level have been striking as the weight has melted off. The picture in this post was from the first day she arrived at our house.  I am not sure of her diet previously, but she did have two other plump dogs in her family, so she was likely overfed and under-exercised. 

Speedy has an incredibly positive attitude and is an inspiration to me. I am sure she is often hungry, but she never whines and is ecstatic when I get the leash out to take her and my dog, DJ, on a walk. We have slowly increased her exercise time and distance. We went from walks down to the end of the street for 5 minutes to 30 minute walks as of yesterday!

Being able to use the product we developed, the Obe ProBowl, to help monitor and measure how much she eats and drinks is really helpful.  Our vet said not to let her lose more than 3 pounds a week otherwise it would stress her system. So we've used the ProBowl to taper her calories down and to make sure she is drinking enough water. We've also used an activity monitor to track her exercise. As you'd expect, the only time she moves is to go on a walk that we take her on- or to run to the food bowl when we feed her! 

Speedy is a joy to have in the house and a reminder of how more than half of dogs in the US are overweight or obese- and the impact that weight has on their quality of life.  I am excited and proud that we 'walking the walk' by using our product to contribute to the Obe Inc mission- to enhance the lives of families and their dogs!

Hilary Jensen, CEO, Founder Obe Inc.


Response to our post: a dog with a piano on her back.

We had an amazing response to our post yesterday about Speedy!  I'm sure it was in part because the picture shows how uncomfortable she must be. But most everyone can see her beauty inside- many of you posted "LINDA"! Someone commented that it wasn't just food that made her so obese- and I agree. Lack of exercise contributed too. But just like us humans, what gets put in our mouths contributes the most to putting on the poundage. And once she got so heavy, what was her parent supposed to do? Here she is working off the pounds and having a great time!  And please remember to "LIKE" ObeDog on Facebook. Thanks from the Obe team!  

Speedy dog in training from on Vimeo.

Obe product development: eating my own dog food

My foster dog Speedy has been helping me "eat my own dog food" as a product developer.  We have used the ProBowl to manage her gradual weight loss over 4 months, from 97 pounds to 74.6. The ProBowl adjusts each meal size based on her level of activity so I don't need to worry whether I am overfeeding her. I make sure she's staying hydrated using the ProBowl too- now that we've increased her exercise! 


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