Individualized nutrition for your healthier, happier dog.

Our smart bowl system removes nutrition-guesswork.

You'd think we love your pet as much as you do. ®

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Obe is a leader in the rapidly growing pet tech market.


Finally a smart dog bowl that's beautiful too.

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Obe takes the guesswork out of pet nutrition with our smart bowl

Your pet's nutrition is as important as your own. Obe's personalized, brand agnostic recommendations help you choose what's best based on their details, sensitivities and goals.

What is normal for your pet?

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Obe's WiFi smart bowl and app allows you to easily check in or share data.

Custom feeding profile, you and your vet approve or adjust.

Our light-up bowl weighs food as you pour it in.

Obe makes it easy for family, kids and caretakers to provide the right amount every time. If the green light turns to red, remove excess from the bowl until it changes back to green.