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Obe ProBowl Smart Food and Water Bowl.

The dog bowl that helps you understand your dog better.

Obe is using technology to keep your dog healthier and happier, and to make your life easier. ProBowl is a smart dog bowl that combines a dishwasher-safe bowl with a smart base that connects via WiFi to your phone and the cloud. Obe tracks what your pet eats or drinks and reveals trends in eating and drinking habits. Gain new insights into your dog and share the data with your vet.

Say When Technology

Prevents overfeeding and accidental double meals

Just pour the food into the bowl and the smart base glows green when it's the right amount based on your dog's details and the food you feed her.

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Real-time monitoring

Alerts, reminders and habit tracking

Know when she's eating and when she was last fed. Rest assured she has enough water or get an alert so the water bowl does not go dry.

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Amazon Automatic Replenishment

Smart Dog Food Delivery

ProBowl knows what package size you bought and how much you have left in your bag, so Obe reorders for you automatically. You'll know when the delivery is coming and you can cancel at any time.


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No more running out

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Personalized portions

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Prevents duplicate feedings

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Tracks eating & drinking habits

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Peace of mind, even when you are away

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Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Founded in love. Based on science.

Made for your dog.

Obe ProBowl

You'd think we love your dog as much as you do.

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